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Bali Silver Beads :
· Bali Cylinder Beads
· Bali Round Beads
· Bali Square Beads
· Bali Granulation & Wire Beads
· Bali Frame Beads
· Bali Stamp Beads

Bali Silver Clasps :
· Bali Silver Clasps

Bali Silver Charms :
· Bali Silver Charms

Bali Silver Findings :
· Bali Earring Wires
· Bali Head Pins
· Bali Ear Posts
· Bali Silver Bails
· Bali Jump Rings
· Butterfly
· Bali Silver Leverbacks
· Bali Silver Eye Pin

Bali Silver Spacers :
· Bali Bar Spacers
· Bali Flat Spacers
· Bali Granulation Spacers
· Bali Plain Spacers

Bali Silver Connector :
· Bali Chandeliers
· Bali Bead Connectors

Bali Silver Toggles :
· Bali Silver Toggles

Bali Silver Bright :
· Bali Silver Brights
· Bright Round Beads
· Bright Clasps
· Bright Spacers
· Bright Toggles
· Bright Caps

Silver Jewellry :
· Bali Silver Bracelets
· Bali Silver Necklaces

Bali Silver Wires :
· Wires

Bright Vermeil (Gold Plated) :
· Bright Vermeil Spacers
· Bright Vermeil Clasps
· Bright Vermeil Jump ring
· Bright Vermeil Beads
· Bright Vermeil Chandeliers
· Bright Vermeil Butterflies
· Bright Vermeil Earring Wires
· Bright Vermeil Caps
· Bright Vermeil Head Pins
· Bright Vermeil Charms
· Bright Vermeil Toggles

Silver Jewelry Pendants :
· Bali Dream Balls
· Bali Harmony Balls
· Bali Prayer Boxes
· Plain & Gemstone Pendants
· Bali Silver Ornate Box
· Coral Pendants
· Perfume Container

Silver Jewelry Earrings :
· Bali Silver Earring
· Silver Coral Earrings

Bali Silver Rings :
· Ornate Silver Rings

Bali Silver Caps :
· Bali Cap Cones
· Bali Granulation Caps
· Bali Wired Bead Caps
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Wholesale of Bali Silver Beads -
Products are made by experienced silver smiths which very popular in beaded jewellry nowadays. As the source of Bali Silver Beads and Jewellry, we pride ourselves on high calibre of our silver smiths which guarantees that every piece of our Bali Silver Beads and Jewellry meets the finest quality standard to fill your needs.
Enjoy browsing to expolre our wide range of products which consist of Bali Silver Beads, Caps, Clasps, Dangles, Finding, Spacers, Conectors, Toogle, Necklaces, Bracelets and many more beautiful things.


General Information

How to Order

  1. There is no minimum order.
  2. Ordering procedure is simple. Just type the quantity whether in gram or piece depending on the items that selected and then click on the add to cart button.
  3. We accept payment with credit cards.
  4. Card processing is served by 2CO.COM, based in Columbus, Ohio, USA.
    If you have any problem while ordering, please send the email to or
  5. Money back  guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality. You may return the merchandise back to us within no longer than 7 days upon received and the payment will be refunded in full amount.
  6. Usually, there is no import duty/taxes for the silver goods from Bali - Indonesia to USA. However, for other countries, import duty may be charged. Please check on your customs for more information regarding to this issue.

How to Ship
We ship orders directly from Bali to every countries in the world via FedEx door to door service. You will be provided with a tracking number, so you could monitoring your package delivery status online at Fed Ex website.

Tips about shipping cost:
To have most efficient shipping cost, we suggest you to order in quantity which closest to weight maximum limitation.

Tips how to reduce shipping cost (example for U.S customers):
There is no minimum order but to reduce shipping cost, we suggest you to order at least 900 grams than only 420 grams or lower.

Shipping cost for 420 grams is US$ 18.
Shipping cost for 900 grams is US$ 26.
Only US$ 8 difference, but you can get almost 2 times quantity of silver in your package.

The weight above is gross weight which is including the packing. Usually it needs only about 50 grams (or lower) for packing.

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